Design performs an essential function in assessing a product's suitability for the human environment and anticipating future needs of users.

LabGraph introduces a completely new way in product design and development.

The achievement of active research program on industrial design and world products are presented ready for manufacture on "Factory of Factories".

Products derived of technological innovation and design quality for World markets.

Chip Case

New Chip Case for chips samples distribution.
Computers and Telecom industries.
Innovation from research for the largest Chips distributors in the world.

Vacuum Cleaner Robot

New Vacuum Cleaner Robot adaptable to all models. New product, new design, new concept.
World market large scale production.


High performance, new boat concept, revolutionary design top car transport. Aiming a market growing 20% year all over the world, this twelve years research answer to new radical sports. Very versatile product to several markets range.
New manufacture process.

Plastic Furniture

Plastic Furniture composite process. Structural Aluminium Profiles.
Extensive design line, very light weight, Low cost, optimized logistic packaging and distribution.
High quality fashionable design, modern shape, reduced industrial process. Several lines and modulate furniture.

Our staff incorporate known boat designers.
Several stock plans, and industrial design for boats, service pontoons, and original Boat Trailer Home.

Foam Composite Plastic Furniture

Polypropylene/polyethylene foam special composite furniture.
Complete line design, safe product, funny shape, exquisite forms.

New Products Design

New products are currently being developed, in different areas and using various materials and process, for world markets.
These products are available inside the program "Factory of Factories.